20. heinäkuuta 2015

"The path of the three stages of self-destruction is the path of the repression of all questioning (whether of a mental or a physical nature) of the subjective self, and can be followed to the point of a complete suspension of the self (through accidents or chronic diseases).

This is the path of repression, as it is followed by the dualistic mode of thought and the sciences organized accordingly. It is the banishing of all challenges to the subjective self to the more anonymous realms of fate, not subject to calculation and statistical analysis.

By means of this mode of thought, and with the help of the social establishment organized according to its dictates, the path of self-regulation is dualistically blockaded.  All existential fears, and the incursions of fate, as a means toward self-definition and self-regulation, are societally repressed. Self-doubt is eliminated with the payment of insurance premiums.

The individual remains unexplained. He remains a stranger to all that happens to him. Fate becomes an enemy. The campaign against fate is state ordered; the attempt is made to alienate fate, to plan the paths of experience, to distribute equal fates equally among the populace, as if it were a marketable commodity. Under the dictatorship of the scientific method, human beings are being coerced by the state into obstructing their very selves."

- Wolfgang Döbereiner, Patterns of experience in the astrological diagnosis and homeopathic treatment of illnesses, vol 1.

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